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Startup Alliance is a one-of-a-kind knowledge sharing toolkit that unites entrepreneurs from around the globe to form an alliance with their peers. By partnering with the people that understand them best, members help each other overcome challenges more quickly, take more confident action and interact with success oriented peers to maximize their success.

The founder explains how we enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem
How we’re different from Entrepreneur’s Organization

The Entrepreneur’s Organization is an excellent source of knowledge, national and regional events, and learning both face-to-face and online. Membership is by invitation only and applicants must be an owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning $1M or more annually. Global dues are over $2K plus an initiation fee. Chapter dues are additional and vary based on chapter policies.

Startup Alliance is open to all with significantly lower membership costs when compared to Entrepreneur’s Organization. Startup Alliance is an online community with a global focus on collaboration to help entrepreneurs connect with qualified peers regardless of where they’re located.

Additionally, Startup Alliance provides a growing set of productivity and focus enhancing tools and resources which provide new capabilities to Entrepreneur’s Organization members. Each member has a uniquely comprehensive profile to use across their social accounts and within entrepreneur communities to help people get to know their distinctive talents and capabilities.

How we’re different from Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a vibrant online knowledge sharing community for product makers and entrepreneurs. The site also has interviews where entrepreneurs share stories of their entrepreneurial journey. It’s free to join and all members can participate in discussion forums, create product listings and post articles. Indie Hackers was created by Courtland Allen in 2016 and acquired by Stripe in 2017.

Startup Alliance has three membership tiers suitable for any entrepreneur. Associate member dues are kept affordable by dues paid by more experienced and successful entrepreneurs as well as donations from throughout the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The growing set of tools and resources Startup Alliance members enjoy add value to their Indie Hacker membership as well as all their other entrepreneurship endeavors.

How we’re different from Vistage

Over 60 years old, Vistage is a business coaching company. Vistage assembles business executives into peer groups based on professional title and also provides one-to-one coaching, interactive workshops and online resources. Membership prices range from around $13K to $17K annually (tiered based on revenue) for CEOs with lower fees for key executives like VPs, COO, CFO, etc. Vistage maintains a large group of executive coaches and pairs them with the appropriate members.

Startup Alliance is open to all with significantly lower membership dues when compared to Vistage. Startup Alliance is an online resource with a global focus on collaboration to help entrepreneurs connect with qualified peers regardless of where they’re located. Startup Alliance is the only knowledge sharing toolkit with Special Interest Groups to unite small groups of entrepreneurs forming tight connections for deep collaboration and problem solving.

How we’re different from Founder Cafe

Founder Cafe is an excellent invitation-only private discussion forum run by experienced entrepreneurs Rob Walling and Mike Taber. Applicants go through a vetting process to insure a good fit with the community and membership fees are $99 each calendar quarter.

Startup Alliance benefits all Founder Cafe members with enhanced mastermind groups we call Special Interest Groups (SIGs,) plus a growing set of tools and resources for entrepreneurs. SA SIGS unite small groups of entrepreneurs who form tight connections for deep collaboration and problem solving with peers that truly get them.

How else we enhance Founder Cafe membership:

  • Member Discovery is powerful search to help our members make fruitful global connections
  • Opt-in DMs enable members to connect with others
  • Wiki Knowledgebase is where members gain hard-won knowledge and startup wisdom created by and for our members
  • Activity Reports help members stay motivated, track their own progress and help peers understand each others progress and objectives for more impactful interactions
  • The Entrepreneur’s Nucleus contains community resources. The Nucleus is the central “members only” gathering place for events, coworking, office hours and community wide problem solving

Further, each Startup Alliance member has a comprehensive profile to use across their social accounts and within communities like Founder Cafe to help others get to know their distinctive talents and capabilities

How we’re different from local and regional entrepreneur meetups

If you have one near you, face-to-face entrepreneur gatherings are excellent. But that’s not an option if you don’t live in a startup hub or if you have time or money to travel.

Startup Alliance is an online alliance that comes as close as possible to meeting face-to-face in a gathering of your peers, talking about business and helping each other meet challenges and set strategy.

Especially during their co-founder search, our unique member profiles is a powerful way meetup attendees have to present their entrepreneurial credentials and discover the potential of the co-founder candidates they meet.

How we’re different from startup accelerators and incubators

There are thousands of accelerators and incubators around the world. Each offering some combination of mentorship, advice, co-working and capital. Each asking the startup for compensation in the form of rent for office space, equity or fee for services of some kind.

Startup Alliance provides value added online functionality to all participants in all accelerators and incubators. Especially useful in co-working environments where frequent new connections are made, our comprehensive member profiles are a great way to introduce yourself, choose mentors and quickly get to know potential co-founders.

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