Tools and resources benefitting all members

An engaged membership committed to mutual success

By design, Startup Alliance takes steps to ensure the quality of the network and the quality of the interactions between members. It starts with comprehensive profiles so members gain deeper insight about the members they interact with. Another key difference is the members commitment pledge.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Launched in Phase Two

Our SIGs are enhanced mastermind groups where members safely gather in small groups with entrepreneurs they get to know and trust. Each SIG has a specific focus and members typically belong to the several SIGs that most precisely meet their current needs. Read the blog post introducing SIGs.

Our SIGs cover 10 essential topics providing entrepreneurs at all levels of experience with opportunities to overcome challenges through interactions with their fellow SIG members.

  • Business Formation
  • Capitalization
  • Customer discovery, Growth & Marketing
  • Ideation, Product & Differentiation
  • KPIs & Analytics
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Ownership & Leadership
  • Partnerships
  • People & Culture
  • Pricing, Revenue and Sales

Mentor members can create private SIGs and offer discounted dues to their networks and / or mentees.

Member discovery

Launching in Phase Three

Our members directory has powerful search to help our members find the right people. Our opt-in direct messaging enables members to connect with other members.

Entrepreneurs Profile

Launching in Phase Three

Our Entrepreneurs Profiles are unlike any other. Providing deep insight about each member, these profiles provide clear details about member activities and entrepreneurial experiences.

Private Slack Workspace

Launched in Phase One

All members have access to a private Slack workspace for quick connections and collaboration with others.

Activity reporting

Launching in Phase Four

Each member is encouraged to regularly make activity reports. This helps members track their own progress and allow their fellow SIG participants to understand progress and challenges to enable more effective interactions.

Entrepreneurs Nucleus

Launched in Phase Two, enhanced ongoing

The Entrepreneurs Nucleus contains community resources. This is the central “members only” gathering place for events and community wide problem solving.

The Nucleus contains:

  • Community problem solving
  • Wiki knowledgebase
  • 24/7 video coworking
  • Live events & lectures
  • Mentorship office hours
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