About Startup Alliance

Startup Alliance is a knowledge sharing platform for entrepreneurs and those who support them.

Leveling the playing field globally

We are helping those who don’t live in a startup hub gain access to the same knowledge, skills and connections as those living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

A knowledge sharing platform unlike any other

We stand out with one-of-a-kind features made affordable to any entrepreneur on earth. In fact, what regular entrepreneur communities charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, we provide inexpensively.

An open invitation

Membership is open to all committed entrepreneurs, advisors and investors who believe in our mission to accelerate entrepreneurship globally by working together to improve outcomes.

One more thing

This is a project from the Startup Alliance Foundation (SAF.) The SAF works around the globe to boost the skills, knowledge and abilities of new and experienced entrepreneurs wherever they are and whatever kind of business they run. Visit StartupAlliance.org to learn more or get involved.

Paying it forward and helping entrepreneurs thrive

Startup Alliance was created by technology entrepreneur John Knapp in 2001. For 2022 he’s leading the team to relaunch the SA platform to help more entrepreneurs than ever. Learn about him and get the SA backstory at JohnKnapp.com/Startup-Alliance.