About Startup Alliance

Uniquely different

Take a moment to learn about our differences and check out our commitment pledge, community canvas and code of conduct. And be sure to read 10 things that make Startup Alliance special.

Leveling the playing field globally

We are helping those who don’t live in a startup hub gain access to the same knowledge, skills and connections as those living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

To maximize the positive impact we can bring to the world, we support Incubators and accelerators who are located outside the typical startup hubs.

A knowledge sharing toolkit unlike any other

We stand out with one-of-a-kind features made affordable to any entrepreneur on earth. In fact, what many entrepreneur communities charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, we provide at minimal cost.

An open invitation

Membership is open to all committed entrepreneurs, mentors and investors who believe in our mission to accelerate entrepreneurship globally by working together to improve outcomes.

10 things making Startup Alliance Special:

  1. Inclusive — Membership is open to all committed entrepreneurs regardless of level of experience or the type of business they operate. Membership is also open to advisors, mentors and investors.
  2. Affordable — Startup Alliance offers low-cost subscription memberships and a free tier with benefits beyond what others charge for. We never want money to stand in the way of our members working towards their entrepreneurial dreams.
  3. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) build better entrepreneurs — Inspired by Mastermind Groups, each SIG is an online gathering place with collaboration tools where you work privately with a small group of entrepreneurs to ask questions, meet challenges and participate real-time to gain deeper insights and broader perspectives.
  4. Comprehensive Member Profiles — In addition to outlining our personal mission statement and talents, we rate ourselves on 18 startup skills and 12 personal traits. This way, we discover more about the people we interact with and we’re better equipped to connect with the right people.
  5. We’re all about collaboration — Our roots carry all the way back to founder only peer groups in Seattle starting in 1999. Today, like then, we believe that nearly all committed entrepreneurs have knowledge and ideas to share and help to provide their peers.
  6. Virtual Offices — Most companies today are geographically dispersed and forego the traditional physical office. That’s why we provide our members with access to the Global Virtual Office as well as private virtual offices within each SIG for real-time collaboration and problem solving.
  7. Multiple levels of privacy — Sometimes you want to keep your discussions private. Sometimes you want to ask a question of the entire community. Startup Alliance offers community wide discussion forums in The Nucleus and private forums in each SIG. There are also private member-to-member direct messages for when you need to go one-on-one.
  8. Live Events — Events are organized by members, staff and guests and include lectures, AMAs and hangouts on topics of interest to entrepreneurs. These events occur online using your webcam or mobile device.
  9. Coworking and Office Hours — This is where casual as well as more formal knowledge transfer and problem solving occurs. This is where entrepreneurs get help setting objectives, discuss and overcome challenges.
  10. We are accelerating entrepreneurship globally — Startup Alliance partners with incubators, accelerators and governmental and non-governmental economic development entities. Our goal is to improve the entrepreneurial landscape in their communities and augment the skills, knowledge and abilities of the entrepreneurs they support.

One more thing

The SA Platform is a project from the Startup Alliance Foundation (SAF.) The SAF works around the globe to boost the skills, knowledge and abilities of new and experienced entrepreneurs wherever they are and whatever kind of business they run. Visit StartupAlliance.org to learn more or get involved.

Better. Together.