Startup Alliance

Accelerating the Globalization of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest 
drivers of good in this world.


What we do

We provide online tools and community resources our members use to make connections, overcome challenges and win through collaboration with their peers.

Leveling the playing field globally

We are helping those who don’t live in a startup hub gain access to the same knowledge, skills and connections as those living in the heart of Silicon Valley.

An entrepreneurs community unlike any other

We stand out with greater functionality made affordable to any entrepreneur on earth. In fact, what other entrepreneur communities charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, we provide for free.

An open invitation

Membership is open to all committed entrepreneurs, advisors and investors who believe in our mission to accelerate the globalization of entrepreneurship.

Amplifying our reach, improving our affordability

To redouble our impact, The Startup Alliance Foundation (SAF) helps governmental and non-governmental Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) around the globe to improve the entrepreneurial landscape and augment the skills, knowledge and abilities of entrepreneurs wherever they may be and whatever kind of business they run.

One more thing

If your organization supports entrepreneurs or promotes entrepreneurship, you should get to know The Startup Alliance Foundation. Contact the SAF to discuss your mission and explore ways to amplify your impact.


The Startup Alliancebackstory:
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For years, I’ve mentored entrepreneurs, helping them turn ideas into successful companies. I’ve seen how distractions and lack of knowledge slow them down and hold them back. I’ve seen them struggle to find and connect with the right people and get the help they need to thrive.

That’s why we created this unique set of tools and resources for committed entrepreneurs. Our mission is to maximize your success and help you connect and collaborate with the people that can help you most.

Join us and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams — no matter where you live.

John Knapp, founder