Startup Alliance

Accelerating the Globalization of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest 
drivers of good in this world.


What we are

Startup Alliance is a global community of entrepreneurs committed to driving innovation and creating value worldwide.

We are a subscription and sponsorship based organization with cost effective membership plans suitable for every entrepreneur.

What we do

We provide online tools and community resources to help entrepreneurs make connections, overcome challenges and win through collaboration with their peers.

About the tools we provide

Some of our tools enhance entrepreneurial outcomes by reducing distraction and enhancing the focus of the team on their primary objectives.

Other tools have the potential to significantly mitigate the need to live in a startup hub by enabling optimal connections and online collaboration with entrepreneurs the members could never meet otherwise.

About our community resources

We call it The Entrepreneur’s Nucleusbecause we consider our community resources the central hub of our global community.

These are interactive resources shared by the all members to facilitate problem solving, solution finding, knowledge sharing and to facilitate effective collaboration between peers.

In addition to the Discussion Forums, Knowledge Base and Global Virtual Office available now, we will deliver additional resources to help entrepreneurs maximize their success.

We invite your involvement

Startup Alliance exists to support and accelerate the globalization of entrepreneurship. Membership is open to all committed entrepreneurs, advisors and investors who believe in that mission.

We welcome your inquiries and encourage you to learn more through the links in the header and footer.


The Startup Alliancebackstory:
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For years, I’ve mentored entrepreneurs, helping them turn ideas into successful companies. I’ve seen how distractions and lack of knowledge slow them down and hold them back. I’ve seen them struggle to find and connect with the right people and get the help they need to thrive.

That’s why we created this unique set of tools and resources for committed entrepreneurs. Our mission is to maximize your success and help you connect and collaborate with the people that can help you most.

Join us and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams — no matter where you live.

John Knapp, founder