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We are onboarding limited numbers of members to ensure we achieve and maintain a quality experience for all.

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Associate Membership

Annual dues $100

Affordable for any entrepreneur on earth. Associate members have full access to SIG and community features including coworking, live events and opportunities to receive mentorship.

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Entrepreneur Membership

Annual dues $300

Active entrepreneurs typically choose Entrepreneur membership. Entrepreneur members can access all features including direct messaging, activity reports and they can lead SIGs.

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Mentor Membership

Annual dues $600

The most committed become Mentors. In addition to full access and privileges, Mentors gain recognition for their expertise, priority access for colleagues and access to new peers.

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Incubators, accelerators, angel groups and VCs:
Preferred access available for portfolios, cohorts, alumni and staff.
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Benefits matrix

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Member PrivilegesAssociatesEntrepreneursMentors
Member directory search
Members only Slack workspace
Opt-in DMs
Entrepreneurs profile
Activity reporting
Participate in SIGs
Read the blog post introducing SIGs
Lead SIGs
Create private SIGs
Set private SIG admission criteria
Community problem solving
24/7 global coworking
Knowledge wiki
Attend office hours
Attend live events
Deliver live events
Host office hours
Priority access for colleagues

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