Membership Plans

Startup Alliance is a membership organization dedicated to accelerating entrepreneurship globally. Membership is open to committed entrepreneurs and those who support them.

Built as a knowledge sharing platform, Startup Alliance members help each other solve problems more quickly, take more confident action and interact with success oriented peers in a private and safe environment

FREE Phase One benefits include private Slack, office hours, mentorship and coworking. Additional benefits will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Associate Membership

Affordable to any entrepreneur on earth. Associate members have full access to all private SIG and community features as well as live events and mentorship opportunities.

Entrepreneurs Membership

Most committed entrepreneurs choose Entrepreneur membership. Entrepreneur members can access all features and they can sponsor new members and lead SIGs.

Mentors Membership

Experienced professionals are encouraged to become Mentors. In addition to full access and privileges, Mentors are paying it forward to help entrepreneurs in important ways.

Our benefits matrix

Learn about membership benefits
Member PrivilegesAssociatesEntrepreneursMentors
Member directory search
Members only Slack workspace
Opt-in DMs
Entrepreneurs profile
Activity reporting
Participate in SIGs
Read the blog post introducing SIGs
Lead SIGs
Create SIGs
Mark a SIG as private/unlisted
Community problem solving
24/7 global coworking
Knowledge wiki
Attend live events
Deliver live events
Attend office hours
Host office hours
Peer introductions from JK
Able to offer dues discounts to their teams and mentees