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Hi, I’m John Knapp. I’m an entrepreneur and firm believer that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest powers for good in this world. I originally founded Startup Alliance as a face-to-face peer group in Seattle and Silicon Valley to help entrepreneurs living in those locations make the right connections, grow their businesses and achieve their dreams.

Now that entrepreneurship is exploding worldwide, we built this platform to maximize your entrepreneurial success — wherever you are and no matter what kind of business you run.

Join our global entrepreneurs community and maximize your success.

Latest news: Startup Alliance is beta testing and welcomes your feedback. Private Alliances are launching soon. The FAQ and Quick Start are available, check them out to learn more.

Free Membership lets you do a lot:

  • Unite your company team for better collaboration and results
  • Focus your efforts using our specialized SAKPI and OKR tracking tools
  • Achieve goals and solve problems using our online team meeting tool
  • Explore Members — find your next great team member
  • Explore Companies — find your next great partnership
  • Explore Alliances — find and join the Private Alliance that can help you most

Subscribe to create and join Private Alliances:

  • Go beyond the walls of your own company to form trusted bonds and lasting partnerships
  • Help each other achieve goals, overcome challenges, expand networks and maximize success
  • Advise on the KPIs and OKRs of your Private Alliance Partner Companies
  • Get answers and share information with our unique distributed discussion system
  • Have face-to-face meetings with your Private Alliance partners as often as you want

If you represent an incubator or accelerator, ask about group subscriptions.


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