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Business models & customer discovery

What you sell, how you sell it and how you get to product/market fit.

Capitalization & cash flow

Raising money, achieving profitability and controlling costs.

Founders, team & advisors

Success demands the right people doing the right things.

Ideation & validation

Coming up with a great idea, turning it into a real business and making sure it’s viable.

Legal, IP & corporate structure

Contracts, Agreements, Patents & Trademarks and business formation.

Marketing, growth & sales

Positioning, messaging, growth hacks, analytics, advertising, funnels and strategic partnerships.

Non-work & other topics

Member introductions, work/life balance, sustainability and everything else entrepreneurs care about.

Productivity hacks & time management

Tips, tricks and tools for getting your work done on time and keeping your priorities straight.

Product planning, production & design

Bringing a great product to market takes more than a good idea and fresh design.

Requests and recommendations

Know a great attorney? Looking for office space? Need a good PR firm?

Revenue models & pricing

How you provide value to customers and how you price your products and services.

Software, engineering & technology

The tools and tech you love, the processes and strategies you employ. What works and what doesn’t.