Community Canvas

Last updated May 15, 2018


Community canvas

Community Canvas:

Community canvas

Like the Business Model and Lean Canvas’ for startups, the Community Canvas was created as a framework to help communities articulate their purpose and maximize the value they deliver to their membership.

Our Community Canvas will help your understand what we're about and how participation will benefit you. We welcome your comments and questions.


Our Purpose

Startup Alliance is a global community of committed entrepreneurs driving innovation and creating value worldwide. Our purpose is to accelerate the globalization of entrepreneurship by helping these entrepreneurs stay focused and be more effective, make connections and help each other overcome challenges and maximize their success.

Our Membership

Startup Alliance members are committed entrepreneurs operating all types of businesses located anywhere and everywhere on earth. Startup Alliance membership also includes business experts and investors who provide entrepreneurs with helpful advice and support.

Our Core Values

Startup Alliance values entrepreneurship as one of the greatest drivers of good in the world. We value collaboration and the generous sharing of information and ideas in order to help each other maximize our success.

Our Definition of Success

Startup Alliance members are successful when their business goals are met, when their companies deliver value to their communities and stakeholders and provide a meaningful livelihood to their employees. Startup Alliance is successful when its members consider their membership a factor in their personal and business success.

The Startup Alliance Brand

Our brand embodies transparency, clear communication and a desire to deliver value to the world by encouraging entrepreneurial efforts and providing tools that support focused and collaborative goal achievement.


Accessing the Startup Alliance

Startup Alliance is an online community — membership is open to committed entrepreneurs, business advisors and investors who support the entrepreneurs and their companies. Access to the community and tools requires members to register and sign-in. Access to certain features may require payment of subscription fees.

Any member can be invited to join any company team or private alliance. The member that created the Company Workspace or Private Alliance decides who receives an invitation. Furthermore, some Companies and Private Alliances operate in “stealth mode” on Startup Alliance and will not appear in the directory or in search results. Only the members of those Companies and Alliances can access and participate within those entities.

Membership Experiences

Startup Alliance members collaborate one-on-one with other members and one-to-many within their Company Teams and Private Alliances using the tools we provide. Collaboration happens through the written word and real-time virtual offices. Members also use organizational aids and productivity tools to help themselves and their fellow members. Each member, company and private alliance has a searchable profile to help people make beneficial connections leading to mutual success.

Community Content

Each Member, Company and Private Alliance Profile provides insight about their role and activities. The organizational aids and productivity tools provide a written record of objectives set, progress and achievements made. The collaboration tools provide a historical trove of business wisdom and solutions contributed by the members themselves.

Governing Rules

Membership in Startup Alliance is governed by our Code of Conduct and Commitment Pledge.

Four Membership Levels
  • Associate Membership for students, investors, fledgling entrepreneurs and company staff
  • Entrepreneur Membership for full time entrepreneurs who seek to benefit by gaining insights and solutions from complementary others
  • Private Alliance Membership for entrepreneurs seeking broader perspective for personal and business growth
  • Company Workspace Membership for goal drive company leaders who want to increase their company performance and results

You will find specifics on the Membership Plans page.


The Organization

Startup Alliance was founded by John Knapp who leads the organization and oversees its operation. An advisory board of seasoned entrepreneurs and startup experts helps guide the organization to prioritize, vet and evaluate new member benefits.

The Delivery Platform

Startup Alliance is an online community accessible as a web application on mobile and desktop devices. The platform allows global accessibility for all Startup Alliance members.


Startup Alliance is capitalized by the founder, member subscriptions and sponsorships.