Startup Alliance Quick Start

Helping our members get the most out of Startup Alliance


Joining and Activating

  1. Sign-up using your email address
  2. Click the link in the account activation email
  3. Activate your account for full privileges

Finishing your member profile

  1. Write your personal mission statement
  2. Add a list of your business skills, rate yourself for each
  3. Add a list of your personal traits, rate yourself for each
  4. Visit to attach a profile photo to your email
  5. Add your social media accounts

Messaging another member

  1. You must be signed in
  2. Visit a member profile and click “Start a conversation...”
  3. Type a private message and send
  4. Access your conversations on the main menu
  5. Each member can delete their own messages from the conversation
  6. Either member can delete the entire conversation and all messages

Listing your company

  1. On your account settings, mark yourself as a company owner
  2. On your profile, click the link to add your company
  3. Complete the form and submit your listing

Assembling your company team

  1. Decide which owners, employees, advisors and investors to invite
  2. Make a list of their Startup Alliance usernames
  3. Visit your company listing and click the + in the team section
  4. Enter their username
  5. Assign their team role
  6. Set their equity (if that applies)

Getting the most from your OKRs

  1. Only the member that listed the company can create and update OKRs
  2. Visit your company listing and click the + in the OKR section
  3. The Objective should be ambitious but remain within reach
  4. The Key Results should be quantifiable and numerically measurable
  5. We recommend your OKRs should last one calendar quarter
  6. Score your OKR at the half way point and at the finish
  7. Write a postmortem you can refer to in the future

Using the web meeting tool

  1. We recommend the Chrome web browser
  2. Web meetings use the microphone and your camera on your computer
  3. Coordinate the meeting time with your team members
  4. Visit your company or alliance listing and click the web meeting link
  5. Take advantage of the chat and screen sharing features

Private Alliances

Private Alliances are launching soon

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