How it Works

Here is how Startup Alliance works for committed entrepreneurs like you

Essential tools and community resources for committed entrepreneurs


Membership is open to committed entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and mentors no matter where you are and no matter what kind of business you run.

Get started:

Sign-up and activate your account

Startup Alliance is a subscription based membership platform. You need to be signed in to use it. If you’re not a member, head over to the Features & Pricing page, choose a plan and sign up. You also need to confirm your email address and choose a password.

Complete your TrueInsight Profile— let people get to know you

In addition to adding our personal mission statement and social profiles, we rate ourselves on a standard set of 18 startup skills and 12 personal traits. This way, we learn more about the people we interact with and we’re better equipped to make optimal connections with the right members.

Pro tip: Your TrueInsight Profile is publicly accessible and sharing it throughout your social media is a great way to help people get to know you.

Personal traits screely

The more skills and traits you list, the more you’ll stand out.

Jump into the New Members Fast Track

All new Alliance and Company members can join the New Members Fast Track Private Alliance. In addition to orienting you to the platform, it includes staff led live events to help you create your success plan and forums for your Q&A and introductions.

Browse the Private Alliances now!

Get involved:

Jump into the discussions and get the answers you need

The discussion forums have a variety of important subjects to search and browse. Read all you want but don’t stop there, ask your questions and share what you know! This community is filled with committed entrepreneurs willing to share what they know and help you meet your challenges.

A word about your privacy: Posts you make within a Private Alliance or Company Workspace are only seen within those small groups. When you post in the Nucleus Discussions, they are hidden from non-members (and the Google Crawler) but they can be seen by every Startup Alliance Member. We care about your privacy and want you to be mindful about who sees your posts.

Check out the knowledge base and pick up hard won startup wisdom

Just like Wikipedia, our knowledge base contains articles written and constantly improved by our community members. Search and browse and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, suggest an article for someone else to write. Better yet, write it yourself and gain recognition for your contribution!

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Members can vote on and collaboratively improve articles and browse the entire edit history. '

Hang out in the Global Virtual Office

The Global Virtual Office is open 24/7/365 and available to all members. It’s a great place to hang out and hold impromptu meetings with other members. Who will you meet? What will you learn?

Join some Private Alliances and a Collaboration Workspace

Company members can invite Associate and Alliance members into their company team for free and once there, they can participate fully. Alliance and Company members can join up to 5 Private Alliances where they can amplify their success through collaboration with trusted peers and forge powerful networks.

Get better:

Don’t be shy, ask for help when you need it

Startup Alliance is all about collaboration and that means not being shy when it comes to asking for help. Remember, we’re all in pursuit of our entrepreneurial dreams. It’s not an easy road and we all get stuck and stuggle for answers.
Here are some ways to get help from the Startup Alliance Community:

The best way to learn is to teach what you know
Share what you know screely

#truth We all have valuable knowledge to share.

Here are six ways you can help others while helping yourself:

  1. Author a knowledge base article and answer questions in the discussion forums.
  2. Author a Nucleus Quark! and compete for a Top Quark Award.
  3. Connect directly with a few other members in the Global Virtual Office.
  4. Organize a Live Event and invite others to attend.
  5. If you’re an advisor, investor or mentor, join a company team and help them maximize their success.
  6. Best of all, form lasting bonds of trust with other entrepreneurs by joining a Private Alliance.

The Entrepreneur’s Nucleus:

Community resources help you maximize your awesome

This growing collection of community resources provides a central gathering place for the community and helps all members maximize their entrepreneurial success. This is a members only resource so you need to be signed in. Some resources may not be available to Associate members.

Nucleus home screely

The Entrepreneur’s Nucleus is the central hub of our global entrepreneurs community

Private Alliances:

You’ll make significant progress towards your entrepreneurial goals

Inspired by Mastermind Groups, a Private Alliance is an online gathering place with collaboration tools so you can work privately with a small group of entrepreneurs to ask questions, get answers, gain deeper insights and broader perspectives. Browse the Private Alliances now!

Private Alliances are available for these essential startup topics:

  • Business models & customer discovery
  • Capitalization & cash flow
  • Founders, team & advisors
  • Ideation & validation
  • Legal, IP & corporate structure
  • Marketing, growth & sales
  • Product planning, production & design
  • Productivity hacks & time management
  • Putting Pirate Metrics to Work
  • Revenue models & pricing
  • Software, engineering & technology

Also, Alliance Members can create their own Private Alliances and control who can join.

Each Private Alliance has forums, member profiles and private messaging. They also have a private virtual office for 24/7 webcam co-working, screen sharing, shared document editing and hangouts.

Fast track pa screely

New Alliance and Company members get started by joining the New Member Private Alliance

How to get the most out of your Private Alliance

Inspired by Mastermind Groups, successful Private Alliances usually have similar best practices. Each group should work out their own guidelines but here are our recommendations:

  • Commit to each other and to yourself, stay engaged and pay attention
  • Get to know each other, share your victories and challenges in the discussions
  • Monitor the discussions, watch for the unread messages icons
  • Set meeting agendas and keep your meetings sharply focused.
  • Have a leader coordinate meetings and keep the members on track
  • Rotate leadership to prevent burn-out and give everyone a chance to participate
  • Keep your meetings and discussions aligned with your Private Alliance mission
  • Don’t join more than 5 Private Alliances at one time
  • If your needs diverge from that mission, join or create another Private Alliance
  • Respect your fellow members. Respect their time, their knowledge and their confidential data
  • Most of all, follow the Startup Alliance Commitment Pledge

Collaboration Workspaces for Companies:

Take your company to the next level

Collaboration Workspaces are where company staff, advisors and investors team up to set and achieve objectives, increase focus on top priorities and track their progress. Each Company Workspace contains a comprehensive suite of focus enhancement and collaboration tools available for 24/7 usage.

The member who creates the Collaboration Workspace can set “stealth mode” to keep it out of the directory and hide it from other members. They can also choose to display a recruiting message.

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Each Collaboration Workspace has a public profile but the tools are only accessible to the team. '

How to use the tools in your Collaboration Workspace
  • Team messaging — Direct Messages and one-on-one conversations within the platform.
  • SAKPIs — Monitoring our standard set of KPIs keeps the team aware of the business situation and focused on priorities.
  • FActors and STrategies — Document the success and risk FActors for your business and keep them in front of the team to inform their actions, keep them aware of the related STrategies which goes a long way to help them avoid costly mis-steps.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) — OKRs are a technique companies use to set and communicate primary Objectives within the team and, more importantly, achieve them by focusing on the accomplishment of measurable Key Results.
    • Any team member can create an OKR and assign it to ny team member.
    • Each OKR has a set duration. (You choose but we recommend 3 months.)
    • Each OKR has a status set by the owner. (Green, Yellow, Red.)
    • When finished, the OKR owner scores each Key Result. (The overall score is an average of those.)
    • The OKR owner writes a Postmortem so the entire team learns and improves future performance.
  • Private discussion forums — Serving as a repository of knowledge and a source for problem solving, you can create as many forum subjects as you need.
  • Private Virtual Office (PVO) — Facilitates co-working and real-time collaboration whenever you need it, your PVO provides secure, private group webchats and screen sharing.