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Live Events organized by Alliance and Company Members.


Nucleus Live Events are open to all members.

Events held in a Private Alliance are open to members of that Alliance. Events held in an All Members Room are open to every SA Member. Only Alliance and Company members can organize Live Events.

Quick Reference: Subscribing to SA Events Calendar

What you need to know:

Startup Alliance publishes an event calendar in ICS format. Clicking the blue Subscribe Button should launch your calendar software and add it. We publish all times as UTC. Your calendar software should convert to your local time zone.

If the subscribe button doesn’t work for you, manually paste this WEBCAL link into your calendar software: webcal://

Gcal add screely

Shown above: Adding link to Google Calendar.

For additional information and troubleshooting help, consult the documentation for your calendar software, look for “subscribing to a calendar.”

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