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We are committed to taking full advantage of Pirate Metrics in our companies and working together to get the most of out this framework for business success.

August 17, 2018

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August 22, 2018

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D51cde2c638b7042e1482e7433744806  John Knapp

128 / 95

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John Knapp (Owner)
Hoverlay, Inc.
John Knapp (Consultant)
Care Better
John Knapp (Consultant)
John Knapp (Consultant)

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Inspired by Mastermind Groups, Private Alliances are online gathering places with collaboration tools where you can work privately with a small group of entrepreneurs to ask questions, get answers, organize and attend live events, gain deeper insights and broader perspectives

Follow these best practices to maximize your results:

  • Commit to each other and to yourself, stay engaged and pay attention
  • Get to know each other, share your victories and challenges in the discussions
  • Monitor the discussions, watch for the unread messages icons
  • Set meeting agendas and keep your meetings sharply focused.
  • Have a leader coordinate meetings and keep the members on track
  • Rotate leadership to prevent burn-out and give everyone a chance to participate
  • Keep your meetings and discussions aligned with your Private Alliance mission
  • Don’t join more than 5 Private Alliances at one time
  • If your needs diverge from that mission, join or create another Private Alliance
  • Respect your fellow members. Respect their time, their knowledge and their confidential data
  • Most of all, follow the Startup Alliance Commitment Pledge

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