What we are:

Startup Alliance is a collaboration toolbox where global entrepreneurs work together to stay focused, make connections, overcome challenges and win.

What we offer:

Collaboration Workspaces for Companies

Helping your team focus on achieving their top priorities

Startup Alliance provides companies with online collaboration workspaces where staff, advisors, consultants and investors collaborate to set objectives, discuss and overcome challenges and track their progress.

Take advantage of this powerful collection of objective setting and solution finding tools:

Tools to help you focus:

  • SAKPIs – our standard set of KPIs keeping the team focused on making constant improvements
  • Factors & Strategies tool – keeping the team focused on overall priorities and implementing optimal strategies
  • Objectives and Key Results tool – keeping the team focused on their deliverables and aware of team mate responsibilities

Tools to help you collaborate:

  • Private Messaging – keeping the team connected with unlimited direct messages
  • Web Conferencing – enabling unlimited live team interactions regardless of geographical location
  • Discussion Forums – to ask questions, get answers and capture knowledge

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Private Alliances for Global Entrepreneurs

Gaining beneficial insight from beyond your company walls

Inspired by Mastermind Groups, our Private Alliances are global collaboration spaces where groups of entrepreneurs form trusted partnerships to help each other make better decisions, achieve goals, overcome challenges and maximize their success. Each Private Alliance includes private messaging, discussion forum and web conferencing tools and summary information on the companies owned by each Private Alliance member.

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Entrepreneur’s Showcase

Find and connect with the people who can help you most

In addition to listing each member’s companies and private alliances and highlighting their personal mission statement, each profile showcases member strengths on our standardized set of highly relevant startup skills and personal traits.

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Hi, I’m John Knapp, founder of Startup Alliance. I’m an entrepreneur and firm believer that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest powers for good in this world.

Since entrepreneurship is exploding worldwide, we built this platform to maximize the success of your business — wherever you are and no matter what kind of business you run.

We offer this unique one-of-a-kind collaboration toolbox specifically for entrepreneurs, our goal is to make it easier than ever to find and collaborate with the people that can help you most.

Join us and maximize your success — no matter where you live.

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